Vidmate; 3 features to take your breath away

Vidmate is the most amazing app in the market right now. There is really no comparison for the app’s utility, convenience and efficiency. But all of that is old hat. There is a lot you can do using the app, for free too! this one single app replaces the need for file hiding apps, app downloaders and makes movie surfing a breeze.

Here are the three features and what you may do to use them all.

  1. File Hiding
    Files can be hidden using the same Vidmate app. There is a section that can be used to hide and later access various files that you want to watch. Perfect for when you want to keep your children away from war movies or horror movies you have downloaded.
  2. App Download
    Apps are easy fixes for entertainment and making life easier. But there’s so many good apps that aren’t available on the official Play Stores. There’s amazing games, movie downloaders, proxy software and so much more that might not come on official stores. But you don’t need to dial up another site like 9apps or others to get them anymore. Vidmate has all the apk files you’ll ever need, and more are being added everyday!
  3. Movie Download
    Movie downloading is usually a pain. You need to go through tens of sites, navigating a million ads to often end up with a bad quality print. But not with Vidmate. You can punch in the name of the movie you want to watch, and the app will fetch the video links for your screen. You can download the file you like. The files are most often marked with the resolution and print they come in, and you can see the size of the download before it even begins!

I cannot say how much easier these features of Vidmate have made my life. There is so much space I’m saving on my device. Makes it a lot easier to play all my apps, and phone hanging has all been eradicated. All thanks to the Vidmate install.

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