Line Messenger App for Pc

Line as known as free voice and messaging app is a great app to have in your Smartphone as well in PC/Laptop. This app enables you to make voice calls, video calls, send text messages, share multimedia items. The user base of the app has exceeded 100 million people and thus has gained popularity in recent times.

The app offers free communication between friends and family and offer great new interesting features like new updates from official brands, over 10 thousand stickers which are great to use and express your feelings completely, these stickers are both paid and free. Users can unlock paid stickers by different offers which company takes out from time to time.

The app simply connects with Wi-Fi or your mobile data and works well, the voice and video calling is of high standard when compared to some other apps.  Overall the app provides a great interface with an environment that keeps users busy and entertained. One special offer that makes the users go crazy is by providing users with free recharge from time to time and making users use their app for longer periods and share the app in exchange, this is a promotion technique which has worked for them.

Downloading Line App on PC/Laptop

If you are a windows XP, windows 7/8 or above user then you can install the Line app in few minutes just by following the steps as mentioned below in the post.

There is no app version that has specially been made for PC/Laptop but you can install, run and use the app with convenience by using an android emulator.

We are using Bluestacks android emulator as it is the most common one, you may use other android emulators like Youwave, Genemotion or Andyroid as well.

Step 1) Download Bluestacks from here.

Step 2) Install & run Bluestacks.

Step3) Sign In With your Gmail account.

Step 4) Search Line in the search bar.

Step 5) Install and Enjoy.

Downloading Line App on Mac.

Now you can enjoy line app on you Macbook by downloading and installing the Line app on your Mac which will take few minutes to process.

Step 1) Download Bluestack for Mac.

Step 2) Install and login Bluestacks.

Step 3) Search Line in the search box.

Step 4) Install Line & Enjoy.

Thus now you have access to Line app using Bluestacks, just login or create a new account with the app and you are good to go, to access the game open Bluestacks go to myapps and select Line.

Choosing the Right Music

People make all sorts of videos for all sorts of purposes. Some may be faced paced with lots of editing, while others may be more minimal. Some may have a fast progression of thoughts, and the others may have a slow, more emotive appeal. Some may use a software such as iMovie for Computer while others want to do it in custom platforms. Here are four simple tips to choose good music.

  1. Use music that relates to the content

You wouldn’t want a video remembering a dead relative to sound like a carnival, right? Nor would you like a video of your newly born niece playing in the first snow of the season to sound like a Death Metal concert. Choose your music according to what the video is about. For example, if you made a vlog about social or political problems, you want the music to be grave. You might even choose to have no music in this case. A video of a puppy playing about with your little brother would probably do well with a peppy tune with acoustic guitar.

  1. Have the correct tempo

Even if your music has the correct sort of instruments or tune, you’ll be surprised how much better a video can become by adjusting the tempo. Experiment with a quick and a slow tempo of the same song over the same clip. People tend to avoid tweaking the tempo to make it too fast or too slow.

  1. Know which audio to emphasise

While editing the video, you’re going to have two set of audio, usually. One will be the sound of the audio, and the other will be the background score you’ve added. One usually needs to sound more prominent. For example, if you’re making a funny video talking about stuff that’s happening around you, you’d like your video’s sound to have a higher volume compared to the background. If you’re making a travel vlog by joining small clips from the beach or the road, you might even find muting the video sound a good option. A lot of YouTube vloggers make the background quiet down during a punch line or in a soliloquy. Simply split the BG score at the point where the soliloquy begins, and once where it ends, mute the short clip so formed, and Voila!

  1. Don’t use jarring or distracting music.

Unless you’re featuring a background score or have an audience that appreciates that particular type of music, it’s generally a good idea to use music that doesn’t distract the viewer. Unless, of course, you want the point of the video to be forgotten in the midst of the heavy music.