Apple Watch 2 may get an inbuilt Facetime Camera

Apple Watch has been quite a success and why won’t it be? A watch as apple with the best integrated features is what everyone craves for. After the first Apple watch, Apple is not coming up with a second gen Apple watch; being the second gen device, it will of course have a whole new set of features.

Among these new features, there is also space for a front camera which is to let you make video calls via FaceTime, a better Wi-Fi integration and may be a variety of models comprising of different material; as per 9to5Mac. We are expecting the Apple watch 2 not before 2016! Facetime is one of the most popular video calling apps of modern days for sure, and it’s even possible to get Facetime for PC using some tricks.

The camera for FaceTime is to be built in within the Apple watch’s top bezel in order to allow for video calls while the watch is adhered to their wrists. Earlier, Apple had made an announcement about WatchOS2 having a feature meant to make calls over Wi-Fi flexible for FaceTime. The same software would also allow for accepting or rejecting the calls via the phone it is paired with.

A new chip for Wi-Fi is to be integrated in the Apple watch which will expand the capabilities of the iPhone connected to the watch for performing certain tasks; probably messaging, emails and updating weather. With this chip, one can also enable the Find my Watch feature in case of loss or stealing of the watch.

The battery will remain the same, despite all the new features that have been incorporated into the Apple Watch. After a research, it has been observed that users are pretty much fine with the battery life of the watch and hence the focus of Apple on the next generation watch are the features and add ons.

Is the Facetime Camera on Apple Watch 2 Worthy?

The Wi-fi integration might seem to be a pretty cool idea, but FaceTime on an Apple watch would make no sense as that tiny screen would give no feeling even close to a one on one conversation. It will be quite a task to video call on FaceTime, Audio calls however may be an option; which in turn needs no camera to be included into the application.

However, it is on the choice of users if they would want to go for an Apple watch and be happy with FaceTiming on that tiny screen despite the scope for much better!

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