5 Chatting Apps That Must Be Tried Atleast Once

The days are gone when we used to send SMS to our loved ones wishing New Year and things like that. Standard messaging was a really cool feature until the concept of Whatsapp kicked in and took on the traditional SMS by storm. Now, we hardly use SMS for spreading information and things like that. Well, today, there are dozens of applications available in the market which can help you to talk to your loved ones. So let us have a look at top 5 chat apps that we should definitely go for!

  1. Whatsapp

    This is the most obvious choice as it is the most widely used way of chatting in today’s world. Those days are gone when Whatsapp used to be a means of communicating, now you can create groups of up to 100 people, share photos and videos and even audio notes, share contacts and even the location and links and the best part is its latest calling feature. Now you can even call your close ones using the application even on slow internet connections.

  2. Telegram

    Well, telegram is sort of like Whatsapp but the point where it beats Whatsapp is the security. Telegram sends messages in a decoded way which cannot be viewed by any other person other than the sender or the receiver. It is also a very quick method of chatting and has every feature of the famous Whatsapp.

    Pro Tip – If you need to download any of these chatting app on pc. Don’t download it from web just use SHAREit app and transfer this from any of your friends.

  3. WeChat

    There was a time when WeChat was pretty much in the league of beating Whatsapp but with the passage of time, the WeChat app got lost in the crowd. Well, it has made a comeback by introducing audio and video call feature in the application for free. Another main highlight is its android wear support which makes it easy to send messages through your wrist even if your phone is in the pocket.

  4. Hangouts

    Hangouts is one of the most used applications as it comes pre-installed in most of the smartphones. Google owned Hangouts delivers a clean design thanks to its material design and in terms of productivity, it can be the thing you ever wanted. All your SMS can be received through Hangouts which means no fuss regarding switching apps for SMS. You can also make audio and video calls for free in any part of the world.

  5. LINE

    LINE is another application that is used by millions of users around the globe. It offers audio and video calls, a really huge collection of stickers and the best part is that you can even use LINE on your smartphone via your computer which means you don’t have to switch to different devices when you are working.

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