5 best screen recorders for Mac users

Screen recorders are especially made for educators and students. It helps you to capture video or presentation for educational purposes. Though, it does not stop you from using it for hobby purposes, It would be better if it’s only used for professional requirements.

Users can always post screen recordings on YouTube as of like – educational, dance or presentation videos. It totally depends on you whether you have to buy an high quality screen recorder from internet or use it for free. According to us, if you are going to use recorder for educational purposes, please buy a high – quality recorder.

Now I guess we are ready to know some of the best screen recorder for Mac. So, let’s go for it :-

  • Capto

Capto in an end – to – end screen capturing and video editor application for Mac users. It is basically designed for quick, detailed screen recording for professional purposes. Capto records video in HD quality of 60FPS, which can be edited instantly. Capto is now available on Mac app store, Students and educators get special discount with identity card verification.

Its some of the features are –

  • Video recording and annotations
  • Fullscreen and region recording – video and audio
  • Fullscreen and Selection capture, webpage capture
  • Smart collection folder and file information


  1. QuickCast

Quickcast is again a screen recorder but with different requirements. Quickcast is not for professional purpose, users can use it for capturing a quick video, make it viral on YouTube or between their friends. You can approximately take a 3 minute video – edit, change, write on it. You can do whatever you want. The best part is that Quickcast is totally free.


  1. ScreenFlow

Screenflow is a polished equipment for Mac users. It allow its users to capture video, audio and recording on your Mac. Though, screenflow does not provide you with HD quality videos, it is best in use for non – professional users. It is powerful yet simple recorder with lots of special effects and simultaneous recording options. The latest version has a huge lot of changes. You should try it ! One disadvantage with screenflow is that, there is no option to add text, subtitles or simple text annotations. This is a drawback that users can face.
4. Camtasia Studio

Camtasia is an unique application for Mac users that help them to create screencast videos very easily. Users can capture videos, edit them and share with friends anytime and anywhere. The interface is quite easy to understand, you don’t have to apply extra brains to it. Users can work with media, animations, transitions and effects. As compared to capto and screenflow, Camtasia is reasonably easy. There are different options available for you but the best one is “zoom”.


5. Quicktime Player

Quicktime player is Apple’s own proprietary. It is an in built application that is used for editing and capturing screencast. Though, it is owned by apple and is expected to be very good, it works a little slow as per the expectations. The only thing that I liked about Quicktime Player is that it is very easy to use as well as is available for Mac, users don’t have to download an extra application for themselves.


These were some application for Mac users, let me tell you all that they are also available on Google and windows play store. Users can now use them even on their smart phones.

For any queries or suggestions, please feel free to write your comments below. Thank you!

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