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Playview App – The Best Movie Streaming App Ever

Movies have been and are the ultimate solution for boredom and with the invention of smartphones, streaming and downloading movies have become a walk in the park. You now won’t need to spend huge bucks in the theatres or buy separate DVDs for every movie. All this has been made possible due to applications like Playview. With the help of Playview, you can now carry a whole movie theatre in your pocket and watch whenever, wherever and whichever movie you want to watch. Playview has made it extremely easy and convenient to stream and download movies and TV shows.

Playview – Watch and Download Movies

Thousands of movies from multiple genres and languages are present in this single application. It doesn’t matter if you’re an action lover or are more of a comedy genre, you can find video contents for almost all the genres here.


Why Playview Is the Best Movie Streaming Application

  • This application has an astonishing user interface. It runs very smooth and everything is well categorized. You can select the genre, the release date, year and language which makes it easy to browse movies.
  • You can watch movies and videos in the quality of your choice. You can select your movie’s quality ranging from 144p to 1080p.
  • Along with the streaming and downloading option, you can even get a lot of information about your desired movie such as its cast, release date etc.
  • Last but not the least, you can even download your movies and watch them without an internet connect. So if you’re someone who travels a lot, you can make use of the download option of this application and watch your movies whichever part of the world you’re at.

If you’re a movie lover and spend hours and hours in streaming movies, Playview is the perfect solution for you. Be it old 90s/80s movies or be it the recent and latest ones, you can find movies of all types here. For watching movies in Playview, you’ll first have to enter the movie’s name in the search bar and search for it. After you find your movie, just click on it, select the video quality, select your media player and enjoy the movie.

Also, if you don’t have a media player in your device, you can go for the inbuild Playview media player too. So enjoy your movies and TV shows irrespective of the time and place you’re at.

5 best screen recorders for Mac users

Screen recorders are especially made for educators and students. It helps you to capture video or presentation for educational purposes. Though, it does not stop you from using it for hobby purposes, It would be better if it’s only used for professional requirements.

Users can always post screen recordings on YouTube as of like – educational, dance or presentation videos. It totally depends on you whether you have to buy an high quality screen recorder from internet or use it for free. According to us, if you are going to use recorder for educational purposes, please buy a high – quality recorder.

Now I guess we are ready to know some of the best screen recorder for Mac. So, let’s go for it :-

  • Capto

Capto in an end – to – end screen capturing and video editor application for Mac users. It is basically designed for quick, detailed screen recording for professional purposes. Capto records video in HD quality of 60FPS, which can be edited instantly. Capto is now available on Mac app store, Students and educators get special discount with identity card verification.

Its some of the features are –

  • Video recording and annotations
  • Fullscreen and region recording – video and audio
  • Fullscreen and Selection capture, webpage capture
  • Smart collection folder and file information


  1. QuickCast

Quickcast is again a screen recorder but with different requirements. Quickcast is not for professional purpose, users can use it for capturing a quick video, make it viral on YouTube or between their friends. You can approximately take a 3 minute video – edit, change, write on it. You can do whatever you want. The best part is that Quickcast is totally free.


  1. ScreenFlow

Screenflow is a polished equipment for Mac users. It allow its users to capture video, audio and recording on your Mac. Though, screenflow does not provide you with HD quality videos, it is best in use for non – professional users. It is powerful yet simple recorder with lots of special effects and simultaneous recording options. The latest version has a huge lot of changes. You should try it ! One disadvantage with screenflow is that, there is no option to add text, subtitles or simple text annotations. This is a drawback that users can face.
4. Camtasia Studio

Camtasia is an unique application for Mac users that help them to create screencast videos very easily. Users can capture videos, edit them and share with friends anytime and anywhere. The interface is quite easy to understand, you don’t have to apply extra brains to it. Users can work with media, animations, transitions and effects. As compared to capto and screenflow, Camtasia is reasonably easy. There are different options available for you but the best one is “zoom”.


5. Quicktime Player

Quicktime player is Apple’s own proprietary. It is an in built application that is used for editing and capturing screencast. Though, it is owned by apple and is expected to be very good, it works a little slow as per the expectations. The only thing that I liked about Quicktime Player is that it is very easy to use as well as is available for Mac, users don’t have to download an extra application for themselves.


These were some application for Mac users, let me tell you all that they are also available on Google and windows play store. Users can now use them even on their smart phones.

For any queries or suggestions, please feel free to write your comments below. Thank you!

Vidmate; 3 features to take your breath away

Vidmate is the most amazing app in the market right now. There is really no comparison for the app’s utility, convenience and efficiency. But all of that is old hat. There is a lot you can do using the app, for free too! this one single app replaces the need for file hiding apps, app downloaders and makes movie surfing a breeze.

Here are the three features and what you may do to use them all.

  1. File Hiding
    Files can be hidden using the same Vidmate app. There is a section that can be used to hide and later access various files that you want to watch. Perfect for when you want to keep your children away from war movies or horror movies you have downloaded.
  2. App Download
    Apps are easy fixes for entertainment and making life easier. But there’s so many good apps that aren’t available on the official Play Stores. There’s amazing games, movie downloaders, proxy software and so much more that might not come on official stores. But you don’t need to dial up another site like 9apps or others to get them anymore. Vidmate has all the apk files you’ll ever need, and more are being added everyday!
  3. Movie Download
    Movie downloading is usually a pain. You need to go through tens of sites, navigating a million ads to often end up with a bad quality print. But not with Vidmate. You can punch in the name of the movie you want to watch, and the app will fetch the video links for your screen. You can download the file you like. The files are most often marked with the resolution and print they come in, and you can see the size of the download before it even begins!

I cannot say how much easier these features of Vidmate have made my life. There is so much space I’m saving on my device. Makes it a lot easier to play all my apps, and phone hanging has all been eradicated. All thanks to the Vidmate install.

5 Chatting Apps That Must Be Tried Atleast Once

The days are gone when we used to send SMS to our loved ones wishing New Year and things like that. Standard messaging was a really cool feature until the concept of Whatsapp kicked in and took on the traditional SMS by storm. Now, we hardly use SMS for spreading information and things like that. Well, today, there are dozens of applications available in the market which can help you to talk to your loved ones. So let us have a look at top 5 chat apps that we should definitely go for!

  1. Whatsapp

    This is the most obvious choice as it is the most widely used way of chatting in today’s world. Those days are gone when Whatsapp used to be a means of communicating, now you can create groups of up to 100 people, share photos and videos and even audio notes, share contacts and even the location and links and the best part is its latest calling feature. Now you can even call your close ones using the application even on slow internet connections.

  2. Telegram

    Well, telegram is sort of like Whatsapp but the point where it beats Whatsapp is the security. Telegram sends messages in a decoded way which cannot be viewed by any other person other than the sender or the receiver. It is also a very quick method of chatting and has every feature of the famous Whatsapp.

    Pro Tip – If you need to download any of these chatting app on pc. Don’t download it from web just use SHAREit app and transfer this from any of your friends.

  3. WeChat

    There was a time when WeChat was pretty much in the league of beating Whatsapp but with the passage of time, the WeChat app got lost in the crowd. Well, it has made a comeback by introducing audio and video call feature in the application for free. Another main highlight is its android wear support which makes it easy to send messages through your wrist even if your phone is in the pocket.

  4. Hangouts

    Hangouts is one of the most used applications as it comes pre-installed in most of the smartphones. Google owned Hangouts delivers a clean design thanks to its material design and in terms of productivity, it can be the thing you ever wanted. All your SMS can be received through Hangouts which means no fuss regarding switching apps for SMS. You can also make audio and video calls for free in any part of the world.

  5. LINE

    LINE is another application that is used by millions of users around the globe. It offers audio and video calls, a really huge collection of stickers and the best part is that you can even use LINE on your smartphone via your computer which means you don’t have to switch to different devices when you are working.

Kik Messenger for Windows Phone

In the age of messengers where one can send and receive messages along with the additional data, Kik for PC messenger is one of those messengers with huge number of people using it every day. Ever since its inception in 2009 in a Canada University of Waterloo, now it has more than 120 million users with millions of dollars as their capital of income.

So, when was the last time you had a chat with your friend or the significant other or a family wherever you are staying on this earth. Now a days it’s part of the daily life. In my view, it has become more and more part of the daily life in the world of seven billion people, it is really hard to divide humans from being a social person. A social media platform is used for many reasons. Not just to chat, but also to express opinions. With the help of social interactions, anyone can contact people whomever they want with the help of messengers. Be it a remote village or a plateau at a mountain or a metropolitan city. You can just call them or just message with whereabouts.

Now coming back to the Kik messenger, it is a fast crazy, and a cross platform messenger that helps you to connect with the people. Using Kik for chatting, you can also use it to share pictures, messages, audio and video data with the groups and stay connected with the people with whomever matter the most to you. You will fall in love with the app once you start using it. Let me put up some of the reasons for that. You can experience the fast and the best experience using this app. This app gives you the regular notifications about the message whether the message is delivered or sent or failed to send. You can create a group where one can chat with a group of people where you can also share pictures it the same group chat and all the data that you want to share. After all, it is completely free and there are no charges for the messages you send and receive. The amount will be terminated by the internet data, but not the regular standard services are not applicable for the messages.

How to Downlaod it to Windows Phone:

Downloading Kik Messenger to the Windows Phone is pretty simple.

Here are the steps mentioned:

  1. Open the Windows store in Windows Phone
  2. Search for Kik Messneger App
  3. The search result shows you the app and that takes you to the installation which is less than 1MB and takes less than one min to install.

That’s all! You can enjoy using the app on Windows Phone!

Apple Watch 2 may get an inbuilt Facetime Camera

Apple Watch has been quite a success and why won’t it be? A watch as apple with the best integrated features is what everyone craves for. After the first Apple watch, Apple is not coming up with a second gen Apple watch; being the second gen device, it will of course have a whole new set of features.

Among these new features, there is also space for a front camera which is to let you make video calls via FaceTime, a better Wi-Fi integration and may be a variety of models comprising of different material; as per 9to5Mac. We are expecting the Apple watch 2 not before 2016! Facetime is one of the most popular video calling apps of modern days for sure, and it’s even possible to get Facetime for PC using some tricks.

The camera for FaceTime is to be built in within the Apple watch’s top bezel in order to allow for video calls while the watch is adhered to their wrists. Earlier, Apple had made an announcement about WatchOS2 having a feature meant to make calls over Wi-Fi flexible for FaceTime. The same software would also allow for accepting or rejecting the calls via the phone it is paired with.

A new chip for Wi-Fi is to be integrated in the Apple watch which will expand the capabilities of the iPhone connected to the watch for performing certain tasks; probably messaging, emails and updating weather. With this chip, one can also enable the Find my Watch feature in case of loss or stealing of the watch.

The battery will remain the same, despite all the new features that have been incorporated into the Apple Watch. After a research, it has been observed that users are pretty much fine with the battery life of the watch and hence the focus of Apple on the next generation watch are the features and add ons.

Is the Facetime Camera on Apple Watch 2 Worthy?

The Wi-fi integration might seem to be a pretty cool idea, but FaceTime on an Apple watch would make no sense as that tiny screen would give no feeling even close to a one on one conversation. It will be quite a task to video call on FaceTime, Audio calls however may be an option; which in turn needs no camera to be included into the application.

However, it is on the choice of users if they would want to go for an Apple watch and be happy with FaceTiming on that tiny screen despite the scope for much better!

How to Stream Showbox on Chromecast

A unique feature of Showbox app is it lets you stream movies directly on your Televisions. There are a few steps that are required to be followed. Earlier version of Showbox makes use of MX player to connect Showbox via Chromecast to the TV. However, you can use AllCast to stream Showbox videos on Chromecast.

How to Stream Showbox on Chromecast to Watch Movies on TV

Follow the steps stated below to make use of Chromecast:

  • First and foremost step is to download AllCast as stated above too.
  • Next, you need to change the player options to “Other Player.”
  • Click on the option “Watch Now.”
  • From the options you will now get, choose open with “Chromecast.”
  • Now, simply select your Chromecast player.

With following the simple steps you can easily connect the Showbox app to your Chromecast.

Chromecast on Old Version of Showbox

The older versions of Showbox download require MX player for streaming videos. However, MX player does not support Chromecast; hence you need to uninstall the player in order to be able to stream movies and shows on your Chromecast. Since MX player doesn’t work in sync with Chromecast, you need help of third part apps as streaming right movies is as important as choosing right music. For that, you need to download GrowBox and Chromecst.

Here is how you need to proceed:

  • First of all, got to settings and uninstall MX player.
  • Next what you need to do is allow unknown sources. Go to settings, followed by Security, followed by Turn on ‘Unknown sources.’
  • You now need to download GrowBox.
  • Next you need AllCast. Download and install the same with the help of play store.
  • Now, you need to choose the Movie or Show you wish to play and uncheck the option which says “Use internal player”, once done, press watch now and open the video with AllCast.
  • Showbox will now begin searching for players. You are supposed to choose your Chromecast so that the video can play on your TV’s.

Having followed the above steps correctly, the video will now stream on your TV!

This was all about the application and how to make Showbox work on Chromecast so that you can enjoy videos of your favourite movies and TV shows on your TV! Showbox is an amazing application to let you watch movies and hence it is rated first on all lists of apps to watch movies and shows for free! Happy streaming!


Download- Hike for Pc

Hike is an amazing application to share text, photos, videos with your network and thus it is one if the best application for free communication between users since 2012 when it was launched. The user base of hike is in millions and thus it has found a place on most of the Smartphone’s, specially targeting the young generation.

The Hike application though has many heavy competitors like WhatsApp, WeChat and BBM but it has still managed to secure a place and reach mass audience. The app is available for android users, IOS users, windows phone users and even for symbian users.

Another main reason for success of hike is the capability of sending free text messages to non hike users and sending any attachments less than 100 megabytes, you can send pdf files, videos in  different formats, music files and much more, adding to these there is more privacy, various theme options and chat option for offline hike users.

Download Hike for Desktop/PC

Do you want to download Hike on Windows XP, Windows 7/8 and OS X 10.6.6 and above, just simply follow the steps below and in you can install the app in few minutes.

Though there is no official pc version of Hike app but you can still smoothly run the Hike app in your PC/Laptop and enjoy chatting with the help of Bluestack which is one of the most commonly used android emulator these days.

Click here to download Bluestack emulator

Step 1) Start and run Bluestack.

Step 2) Search for Hike.

Step 3) Download, Install and Run the App.

You now have successfully downloaded Hike in your PC and now it can run on windows XP, windows 7/8 and above versions.

Download Hike for Mac

Want to enjoy Hike app on Mac ? No problem, just follow few basic steps as mentioned below & Install and run app smoothly on your Mac.

You need to download and android emulator in your Mac and run the Hike app as there is no Mac version launched by the company, Bluestack is one of the most commonly used emulator, you can  download Bluestack for Mac here.

Line Messenger App for Pc

Line as known as free voice and messaging app is a great app to have in your Smartphone as well in PC/Laptop. This app enables you to make voice calls, video calls, send text messages, share multimedia items. The user base of the app has exceeded 100 million people and thus has gained popularity in recent times.

The app offers free communication between friends and family and offer great new interesting features like new updates from official brands, over 10 thousand stickers which are great to use and express your feelings completely, these stickers are both paid and free. Users can unlock paid stickers by different offers which company takes out from time to time.

The app simply connects with Wi-Fi or your mobile data and works well, the voice and video calling is of high standard when compared to some other apps.  Overall the app provides a great interface with an environment that keeps users busy and entertained. One special offer that makes the users go crazy is by providing users with free recharge from time to time and making users use their app for longer periods and share the app in exchange, this is a promotion technique which has worked for them.

Downloading Line App on PC/Laptop

If you are a windows XP, windows 7/8 or above user then you can install the Line app in few minutes just by following the steps as mentioned below in the post.

There is no app version that has specially been made for PC/Laptop but you can install, run and use the app with convenience by using an android emulator.

We are using Bluestacks android emulator as it is the most common one, you may use other android emulators like Youwave, Genemotion or Andyroid as well.

Step 1) Download Bluestacks from here.

Step 2) Install & run Bluestacks.

Step3) Sign In With your Gmail account.

Step 4) Search Line in the search bar.

Step 5) Install and Enjoy.

Downloading Line App on Mac.

Now you can enjoy line app on you Macbook by downloading and installing the Line app on your Mac which will take few minutes to process.

Step 1) Download Bluestack for Mac.

Step 2) Install and login Bluestacks.

Step 3) Search Line in the search box.

Step 4) Install Line & Enjoy.

Thus now you have access to Line app using Bluestacks, just login or create a new account with the app and you are good to go, to access the game open Bluestacks go to myapps and select Line.

Choosing the Right Music

People make all sorts of videos for all sorts of purposes. Some may be faced paced with lots of editing, while others may be more minimal. Some may have a fast progression of thoughts, and the others may have a slow, more emotive appeal. Some may use a software such as iMovie for Computer while others want to do it in custom platforms. Here are four simple tips to choose good music.

  1. Use music that relates to the content

You wouldn’t want a video remembering a dead relative to sound like a carnival, right? Nor would you like a video of your newly born niece playing in the first snow of the season to sound like a Death Metal concert. Choose your music according to what the video is about. For example, if you made a vlog about social or political problems, you want the music to be grave. You might even choose to have no music in this case. A video of a puppy playing about with your little brother would probably do well with a peppy tune with acoustic guitar.

  1. Have the correct tempo

Even if your music has the correct sort of instruments or tune, you’ll be surprised how much better a video can become by adjusting the tempo. Experiment with a quick and a slow tempo of the same song over the same clip. People tend to avoid tweaking the tempo to make it too fast or too slow.

  1. Know which audio to emphasise

While editing the video, you’re going to have two set of audio, usually. One will be the sound of the audio, and the other will be the background score you’ve added. One usually needs to sound more prominent. For example, if you’re making a funny video talking about stuff that’s happening around you, you’d like your video’s sound to have a higher volume compared to the background. If you’re making a travel vlog by joining small clips from the beach or the road, you might even find muting the video sound a good option. A lot of YouTube vloggers make the background quiet down during a punch line or in a soliloquy. Simply split the BG score at the point where the soliloquy begins, and once where it ends, mute the short clip so formed, and Voila!

  1. Don’t use jarring or distracting music.

Unless you’re featuring a background score or have an audience that appreciates that particular type of music, it’s generally a good idea to use music that doesn’t distract the viewer. Unless, of course, you want the point of the video to be forgotten in the midst of the heavy music.